The Weak and the Silent

So I’m reading what he wrote, and I don’t know what to say…
It is another grieving dad, like me, who lost his daughter not yet three years ago.
And now his wife, too, has died.
And the causes are almost irrelevant
His daughter lost her struggle against drugs and depression
His wife lost a brief battle with cancer.
And so he turned to social media to say that he was again, broken.
And I fell silent.
I could have clicked on “like” or the heart or the little crying face.
But I’m looking at his wife’s picture…
And she looks so much like the pictures of his daughter.
And there are no words.
And I try to remember from previous conversations or posts…
If there are other children.
I click on his profile and there are no pictures except what he has posted in grief.
And I think the young man with the family in the jet ski photos is a boyfriend
of his daughter now gone.
And I look at that reply box below the pictures
It is empty
And I am not yet leaving a comment
And I feel like all my strength has left me
And words, inadequate words
have deserted me.


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